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  • We were in the dumpsters.... There was nothing we could do to help us out of it. We had seen our lawyers. Seeing Stef was like 'Ah well why not?' We had not much hope. A bit, I guess... In the end we tried one more time -with Stef. We were sceptical, we were. Stef helped us out of our desperate place. We crawled out actually. 😀:) We started to talk, slowly, full of anguish and angst. We were angry. So many years of stored up stuff. Stef helped us to speak. About our pain about our anger.. slowly we learned to walk again. Alone and together. We started to see good in the other we started to connect. We started to love each other again. To fall in love again. A crazy thing. I didn't think it was possible! We found our road back to each other. Our kids (8 and 5) are thrilled. So are we. :) :) We are team again. He started calling me by my nick name again 'chicken' I am so grateful we worked with Stef we are stronger together, then we have ever been. 100% turn around. We highly recommend Stefanie Bullock from The Couples Shed.

    Liz and Tony

  • For us 'newbies' (21 and 20) it was a novelty to see a counsellor. We are not married or anything, but we always felt that Stef ' got our back' Turnaround Awesome! Thanks Stefanie!

    Sam and Indi

  • My husband and I have worked with Stefanie for the past year (Aug 2014 – Aug 2015). It has been a long road, but it has been well worth the effort. There were times when things got very difficult and it was hard to go on, but we have been very committed and determined to make our relationship work. Stefanie has been the only counsellor that we have ever seen who truly “got” what was going on for us. She has been extremely patient and understanding. Stefanie helped us to resolve past issues and showed us how to communicate with each other in a much clearer and calm way. Our sex life which was virtually non-existent for many years, has now also returned and as a consequence we both feel much happier and closer to each other. We cannot thank her enough, she has been fabulous to work with, and will keep in touch with her in case we ever need her again. We would highly recommend her.

    Elisabeth and Desmond D

  • We were not even living together anymore when we started therapy, we argued over lots of things, small matters and large matters, and we were disagreeing lots of things like how to handle social situations, like how to talk to others of the opposite sex. Our therapist helped us by bringing us together in the same room but each of us speaking about our situation without interruption and then we learned to listen. Stefanie came up with ideas how to handle situations and taught us to be aware and caring around these 'trigger situations'. The outcome now is that we have a very close relationship, that we are very much in love with each other and in social situations we continue to be aware of each other, but it is not a big issue anymore and we learned to look after each other's vulnerabilities more caring and lovingly. I am glad we stuck through the therapy because it has made a big difference.

    Harrison Wilder-Smith

  • Stefanie has not only been a great help with issues in my personal life and relationship with my husband, but also my professional development. She has been a wonderful supervisor whilst I have been training as a therapist and has supported me in finding my niche as a professional. She never lost faith in my abilities, even when at times, I did. My career has now got off to an amazing start because Stefanie helped me to find the confidence to go for, and get the job I really wanted.

    Rosi H.

  • We highly recommend Stefanie from The Couples Shed. After 27 years of marriage we started to struggle to see good in each other. Stefanie helped us back to the road of love. She is such an inspiring and warm and caring woman. We would highly recommend her.


  • It has been amazing and the only thing that has helped me and kept me going in a very complex situation. Stef is extremeley skilled and also has the energetic personality which gives me inspiration and hope to keep continuing on despite how hard it is to act wisely and not act reactively. I have a young daughter and no family supprt really in nz and depite my clinical 'knowledge' real life in my situation is so difficult and I am greatful and appreciative beyond words. Many Thanks to Stef. You have been one of many angels who have helped me live again.

    Amy Whisters

  • We started a blended family recently, and we ended up with four kids between us . We didn't know how to cope. Things are better now. My husband and I learnt new strategies to deal with co parenting our new family.

    Karen and Jesper

  • Its has been great to talk about what I was going through in a comfortable place with a lovely person, who is very patient, understanding and thoughtful.

    Beverley Wood

  • Helped me deal with my anger and feelings. I know now I am worth something and don't need people or substances to make things better. Learnt to talk to people and stopped being so stubborn.

    Ngairi Tupai

  • Working with Stef was like being on a marae, I can say what is really going and how I really feel and Stef never judges me. Boy this creates change! :)

    Waarimu Beth Hokitaia